C names, Female, Proto-Indo-European, Surname names


Claire is the French form of Clara, the feminine form of Late Latin Clarus via Latin clārus meaning “clear, bright, shining; renowned, famous” derived from PIE *kelh₁- (to call, shout).

Claire is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “clear, bright; famous”

Usage: French, English



  • Clara (Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, Swedish, Danish, Late Roman)
  • Klara (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovene, Croatian)
  • Klára (Hungarian, Czech, Slovak)
  • Klāra (Latvian)
  • Chiara (Italian)
  • Chiarina (Italian diminutive of Chiara)
  • Claretta (Italian diminutive of Clara)
  • Clare (English)
  • Clarice (English)
  • Clarissa (English, Italian)

Male forms:

  • Clair (French)
  • Clarus (Late Roman)

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