D names, Emotions/Feelings, Female, Proto-Indo-European


Delora is an English female name, a variant of Dolores, a Spanish female name meaning “sorrows”. It comes from the Spanish title La Virgen María de los Dolores (The Virgin Mary of the Sorrows); dolores is the Spanish and Latin plural form of dolor meaning “pain, grief, sorrow” derived from PIE *delh₁-* (to split, divide).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “sorrows”

Usage: English

Nicknames: Del, Delly, Della, Lora



  • Dolores (Spanish, English)
  • Delores (English)
  • Deloris (English)
  • Dolors (Catalan)
  • Dores (Portuguese, Galician)
  • Addolorata (Italian)
  • Dolorès (French)
  • Lola (Spanish & English diminutive of Dolores)
  • Lolita (Spanish & English diminutive of Dolores)
  • Loli (Spanish & English diminutive of Dolores)

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