Color, Female, J names, Proto-Indo-European


Jennifer is the Cornish form of Welsh Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere is the Norman French form of the name) meaning “white phantom” or “white spirit”, made up of Proto-Celtic *windos (white) and *sēbaris (demon, specter).


Meaning: “white phantom” or “white spirit”

Usage: Cornish, English

Nicknames: Jen, Jenny/Jennie, Jenna



  • Jenifer (English, Cornish)
  • Yenifer (Spanish)
  • Jenna (English)
  • Gwenifer (Cornish)
  • Guinevere (Norman French)
  • Guenevere (Arthurian Romance, French)
  • Guenevera (Latinate form of the name)
  • Gwenhwyfar (Welsh)
  • Gwenevere (English)
  • Xenebra (Galician)
  • Ginevra (Italian)
  • Genebra (Portuguese)
  • Ginebra (Spanish)

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