Hebrew, Male, Proto-Semitic, S names


Sean is the Anglicized form of Seán, the Irish form of John, the Old English and Latin form of Iohannes < Ancient Greek Ioannes, the contracted form of Hebrew Yochanan which means “Yahweh is gracious”. 

Origin: Proto-Semitic, Hebrew

Meaning: “Yahweh is gracious” or “God is gracious”

Usage: Irish, English

Pronunciation: shawn



  • Seán (Irish)
  • Shawn (English)
  • Shaun (English)
  • Shayne (English)
  • Shane (Irish, English)
  • Deshaun (African-American)
  • Deshawn (African-American)
  • Rashaun (African-American)
  • Keshaun (African-American)
  • Lashawn (African-American)

Female forms:

  • Seana (Irish, English)
  • Shawna (English)
  • Shauna (English)
  • Lashawn (African-American)

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