Morgan is a unisex name though it has two different origins: as a male name it derives from Old Welsh Morcant, a masculine name possibly meaning “sea circle” from Welsh elements mor (sea) and cant (circle), though the first element may also be related to Welsh mawr meaning “large; big; great”; the second element *cant- also means “hundred”. Morgan is also the name of a powerful enchantress in Arthurian legend, depicted as his older half-sister as well as his primary antagonist. She was named by Geoffrey of Monmouth who may have based her name on Muirgen meaning “born of the sea” or “sea-born” from Celtic *mori- (sea) and *genos- (born). Morgens (or morgans) are also the name of water spirits in Welsh and Briton mythology who drowned men to their death as well as also causing heavy floods that destroyed villages and crops. Morgan is also a surname.

Origin: Old Welsh, Gaelic


Male forms:

  • Morcant (Ancient Celtic)


Female forms:

  • Morgana (English)
  • Morganna (English)
  • Morgane (French)
  • Morganne (English)
  • Morgaine (French)
  • Morgen (English)


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