Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Theodora is the feminine form of Theodore, the English form of Greek Theodoros meaning “gift of god” or “god’s gift”.


Meaning: “god’s gift” or “gift from god”

Usage: English, Greek, Ancient Greek

Nicknames: Theo, Thea, Dora, Teddy/Teddie



  • Teodora (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian)
  • Todorka (Bulgarian, Macedonian)
  • Teodóra (Hungarian)
  • Theódóra (Icelandic)
  • Feodora (Russian)
  • Fedora (Russian)

Male forms:

  • Theodore (English)
  • Theodoros (Greek, Ancient Greek)
  • Theodorus (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Tewodros (Amharic, Eastern African)
  • Toros (Armenian)
  • Teodor (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian)
  • Todor (Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian)
  • Theodor (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Romanian)
  • Teuvo (Finnish)
  • Théodore (French)
  • Tedore (Georgian)
  • Tivadar (Hungarian)
  • Tódor (Hungarian)
  • Teodoro (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Teodors (Latvian)
  • Tudor (Romanian)
  • Feodor (Russian)
  • Fyodor (Russian)
  • Fedor (Russian)
  • Fedir (Ukrainian)

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