Naia has several possible meanings:

  • Naia is a Basque female name meaning “wave, sea foam”;
  • It may also be derived from the Naiads, water nymphs who typically inhabit fountains, streams, or any fresh water. The name comes from Ancient Greek nā́ō meaning “to flow” or nâma “running water”, both derived from Proto-Indo-European *(s)neh₂- (to swim, to float);
  • Spelled Nai’a, it’s a Hawaiian word and given name meaning “dolphin”;
  • it may also be a variant spelling of Naja (pr. na-ya), a Greenlandic given name meaning “younger sister (of a boy)” or “little sister (to a boy)”.

Naia may also be a variant spelling of Naya, a very multicultural name with various meanings such as:

  • it may be a variant spelling of Nia which could be from Swahili meaning “purpose”, “will”, or “resolve”, though it may also be a Welsh form of Irish Niamh meaning “bright”; or it could be a short form of Antonia (the feminine form of Anthony, meaning unknown) or Natalia (meaning “Christmas day”);
  • Naya is also an Arabic female name derived from Persian nay or ney, referring to a musical instrument also known as saz.
  • Naya also seems to be a Chinese female name meaning “graceful + gracious; elegant; graceful; refined” (娜雅);

Origin: Basque, Proto-Indo-European; Hawaiian, Swahili, Arabic, Greenlandic, Chinese



  • Naya
  • Naja
  • Nya (English)


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