Miles is the Norman form of Milo, an Old Germanic name. Although the meaning and etymology behind the name is unclear, it’s been linked to Slavic name element milu meaning “gracious, dear”; Miles has also been linked to Latin word mīles meaning “soldier; knight”, a word that derives from an unknown origin, possibly Etruscan, but that seems to be more of a folk etymology than actual fact.

Miles is also an English word, the plural of mile, referring to a unit of length. The word derives from Latin mīlle meaning “thousand” via a PIE origin.

Miles is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: uncertain; Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: uncertain though it’s been linked to a Slavic element “gracious, dear”, and has also been associated through folk etymology with Latin mīles “soldier; knight”. Also the plural form of mile, referring to a unit of length

Usage: English




  • Myles (English)
  • Milo (English, Ancient Germanic)
  • Mylo (English)



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