Miko is a Finnish male name, a modern form of Mikko which is the Finnish form of Michael, a Hebrew name meaning “who is like God?”, a rhetorical question implying there is no one like God; Miko is also a Slavic short form of the variant forms of Michael. Miko is also a Hungarian, Polish, and Czech surname derived as a pet form of name of Michael or from Hungarian Miklós (the Hungarian form of Nicholas).

Miko is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • mi 実 “reality, truth” + ko 子 “+child” (実子);
  • mi 美 “beauty, beautiful” + ko “child” (子);
  • mi  “three” + ko  “child” (三子);
  • mi  “ray; light” + ko  “child” (光子);

There are also many other meanings. Written in hiragana it’s みこ. A miko also refers to a Shinto shrine maiden written with the kanji 巫 “shaman; witch, sorcerer” and 女 “woman, female” which combined refers to an unmarried woman who served as a medium for a deity to convey oracles, although in modern day Japan they assist with shrine functions and perform ceremonial dances. I’ve also seen Miko listed as a male name in Japanese written with the kanji 美虹 “beauty; beautiful + rainbow” and 望琥 “wish; hope; desire; ambition; full moon + jewelled utensil”.

Origin: Hebrew, Japanese



  • Mikko (Finnish)


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