Arabic, Hebrew, Virtues/Attributes


Elaya is a name with a murky etymology behind it. At first glance it seems to be made up, a modern American name containing two popular sounds and that could be the case. It could also be a variant spelling of Alaya, an Indian word meaning “storehouse, dwelling, abode”; there’s a Buddhist term, ālāyavijñāna, which means “storehouse consciousness” which apparently stores all human experience, receiving and storing seeds of karmic energy until they are ready to ripen in one’s life or the next.

Alaya could also be a variant of Aliyahan Arabic female name meaning “high, exalted, lofty, sublime”; Aliyah is also a Hebrew female name meaning “to ascend”. Elaya could also be a variant spelling of Elaia, an Ancient Greek word meaning “olive tree” which seems to be derived from a pre-Greek source.

I’ve also seen Elaya mentioned several times as a title accorded to the royal family of Travancore, a former Indian kingdom in what is now Kerala, often used in conjunction with raja (prince) and rani (queen) used as a title for “crown prince” or “crown princess”; it comes from a Malayalam word (also spelled ilaya) meaning “young” or “early”.

Origin: Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Malayalam



  • Alaya (Indian, English)
  • Aliyah (Hebrew, Arabic)
  • Ilaya (Malayalam)
  • Elaia (Ancient Greek)
  • Elaiya (English)


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