Anna is the Latinate form of Hebrew Channah meaning “favor” or “grace”. Anna (also spelled Ana) is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • “Asia; rank next; come after” + na Nara; what?” (亜奈);
  • an  “calm, peaceful; safe, secure” + na 南  “south” (安南);
  • an  “apricot” +  “Nara; what?” (杏奈);
  • an  “calm, peaceful; safe, secure” + na name; noted; distinguished; reputation” (安名);
  • an  “calm, peaceful; safe, secure” + na “peace; harmony” (安和);

Written in hiragana it’s あんな (Anna) and あな (Ana). There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Anna Perenna is also the name of a figure in Roman mythology, the sister of Didothe name of the Carthaginian queen featured in Virgil’s Aeneid. She was the founder and very first queen of Carthage (located in modern day Tunisia), who killed herself by throwing herself onto a funeral pyre after the Roman hero Aeneas left her to find a new home for the Trojan people. Anna Perenna comes from Latin per annum meaning “in a year” or “through the year”

Origin: Hebrew, Japanese



  • Ana (Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovene, Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Georgian)
  • Anne (French, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German, Dutch, Basque)
  • Aina (Balearic Catalan)
  • Hannah (English, Hebrew, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic)
  • Channeh (Hebrew)
  • Chanah (Hebrew)
  • Anaïs (Occitan, Catalan, French)
  • Anouk (French and Dutch diminutive of Anna)
  • Ninon (French diminutive of Anne)
  • Anano (Georgian)
  • Ona (Lithuanian)
  • Anya (Russian diminutive of Anna)
  • Anja (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, German, Dutch)
  • Anka (Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian)
  • Hena (Yiddish form of Hannah)
  • Henda (Yiddish form of Hannah)
  • Hene (Yiddish form of Hannah)
  • Henye (Yiddish form of Hannah)


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