Arabic, Female, Hebrew, Japanese, Virtues/Attributes


Aya is a female given name which has several possible origins. The first is that it’s an Arabic name, a variant transcription of Ayah meaning “sign, token” and “verse” (such as the verses in the Quran), which derives from a Proto-Semitic root. Aya is also a Hebrew female name meaning “honey buzzard” though I’ve seen some sources list it as meaning “bird” or “falcon” or “to fly”, though I believe it was once used as an archaic translation for “hawk”.

Aya is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • aya 彩 “coloring; paint; makeup”;
  • aya  “design; figured cloth; twill”;
  • aya  “brilliant fabric design”;
  • aya  “logic, reason; arrangement; truth; justice”
  • aya  “obey; order; turn; right; docility; occasion”;
  • aya  “sentence; literature; style; art; decoration”;
  • a 亜 “Asia; rank next; come after” + ya  “dart; arrow”;
  • a  “Asia; rank next; come after” + ya  “all the more; increasingly”;
  • a  “Asia; rank next; come after” + ya  “night; evening”;

There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s あや.

Aya is also the name of the Akkadian goddess of the dawn in Akkadian mythology (also known as Aja), based on the Sumerian goddess Sherida, and the consort of Shamash (who was based on Utu), and her name, fittingly, means “dawn”. Aya is also a Turkish word meaning “palm” and in Turkish-Altaic mythology represents the good soul as well as a type of benevolent angel; the origin of the word comes from Turkish ay meaning “moon; month” which derives from a Proto-Turkic root.

Aya (also spelled ayah) means “nurse, nursemaid” in Hindi.

Aya is also a word in Quecha meaning “soul, spirit, ghost; corpse, dead person, deceased”

Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Akkadian, Proto-Turkic, Quecha



  • Ayah (Arabic)
  • Ayat (Arabic)


Aya- آية (Arabic)

Ayat- آيات (Arabic)


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