Daedalus is the name of a brilliant inventor in Greek mythology, responsible for designing the labyrinth of the Minotaur for King Minos, as well as constructing an artificial cow so that Minos‘s wife, Pasiphae, could mate with it, resulting in the birth of the Minotaur. Later, in order to escape from King Minos, Daedalus created wings for himself and his son Icarus; however, Icarus flew too close to the sun, causing the wax to melt and leading to his falling to his death into the sea. Daedalus is the Latinized form of Greek Daidalos from Greek daidallo δαιδαλλω (work, craft) essentially meaning “to work cunningly” or “to work artfully”, likely referring to Daedalus’s reputation as a skilled craftsman and artisan.

Nicknames: Dae

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Daidalos (Ancient Greek)
  • Vikare (Etruscan)


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