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Coralyn is an English female name, either a variant of Coralie, a French form of Koralia, which is a Greek female name derived from Ancient Greek korallion (coral)of uncertain etymology though it could be derived from a Semitic source, from Hebrew goral (small pebble) or Arabic garal (small stone). It’s also possible that Coralyn is an elaborated form of Cora, the Latinized form of Greek Korë meaning “maiden, girl, young woman”; it was used as an epithet for Persephone, the daughter of Demeter and Zeus in Greek mythology, and the wife of Hades, making her the queen of the underworld.

Coralyn could also be a combination of either Cora and Lyn (a variant spelling of Lynne meaning “lake”), or it could be a combination of Latin cor meaning “heart” combined with lyn.

Origin: uncertain, possibly Proto-Semitic, Proto-Indo-European



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