Arabic, Female, Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Aleah is a variant spelling of Alia, an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Ali meaning “high, exalted, lofty, sublime”. Alia is also an Ancient Germanic form of Ella, the Norman form of Germanic element alja meaning “other, another, foreign”.

Aleah could also be a variant form of Leah with the a- prefix. The name itself is of uncertain meaning. It’s often been interpreted as meaning “weary, languid, tired” or even “tender, soft, gentle”, which could refer to someone who was gentle in manner. Leah has also been linked to an Akkadian word meaning “cow”, perhaps in an effort to complement her sister’s name’s meaning (Rachel means “ewe” in Hebrew).

Origin: Arabic, Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew



  • Alia (Arabic, Ancient Germanic)
  • Aaliyah (Arabic, English)
  • Aliah (Arabic, English)
  • Alea (Arabic, English)




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