Female, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Layla is an Arabic female name meaning “night” which comes from Proto-Semitic layl- meaning “night”. There’s a popular Persian story called Layla and Qays (also known as Layla and Majnun), known across the Middle East and which has many versions. Qays and Laylagrew up in the same tribe and loved each other but her father wouldn’t allow them to get married and soon had her married off to another man. Qays becomes obsessed with Layla, earning himself the nickname Majnun (which means “crazy, insane, possessed” in Arabic) and wrote many poems about her. He left his home and wandered the desert for many years. When Layla died (in some versions she was will, in others she died of a broken heart), Majnun travels to her grave and dies of grief near it.

The spelling Laila is a variant of Layla but it’s also a Scandinavian and Finnish form of Láilá (pr lie-lah), which is the Sami form of Helga meaning “holy, blessed”.

Origin: Proto-Semitic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Laila (Arabic, Urdu, English)
  • Leila (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Georgian, English)
  • Leyla (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, English)
  • Leilah (Arabic, English)
  • Lejla (Bosnian)
  • Lila (English)
  • Lyla (English)
  • Leili (Estonian)


Layla- ليلى (Arabic)


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