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Ira (pr. eye-rah) is a Hebrew male name meaning “watchful”. In Russia and other Slavic countries, Ira (pr. ee-rah) is a female given name, a diminutive of Irina, the Slavic form of Irene, which comes from Greek Eirene meaning “peace”. In Greek mythology, Eirene is the Greek goddess of peace and the season of the spring, and is one of the Horae/Horai, goddessess of the season and later became associated with order and justice.

Ira is also the modern Greek form of Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage, childbirth, and the queen of the gods. Although the etymology behind the name is unclear, it has been associated with Greek heros “hero, warrior”; hora “time, season”; or haireo “to be chosen”.

Ira is also a Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian word meaning “rage, wrath, anger” which comes from Latin ira (ire, anger, wrath) via a PIE root word. Ira is also a Basque word meaning “fern”.

Ira is also a Hindu female name and the name of several figures in Hindu mythology; it’s the name of a wife of a Vedic sage, Kashyapa, in Hinduism, and the daughter of Daksha, one of the sons of Brahma, the creator god in Hinduism. Ira is also another name for the goddess Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts. Ira (इरा) has several meanings: “earth; speech; water; beverage; ardent spirits”. I’ve also seen it listed as being another name for the Hindu wind-god Vayu, meaning “wind”.

Ira is also the name of a Polynesian sky goddess and mother of the stars.

Ira is also a surname.

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Sanskrit, Polynesian



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