Māui is the name of an island, part of the Hawaiian islands and the second largest island. The island was named after the son of the man who first discovered the island, who was in turn named after the demigod. In Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology, Māui is a demigod as well as a trickster who created the Pacific islands, caught the sun with a lasso made from his sister’s hair to stop it from moving so fast, giving people more hours in the day; lifted the sky high so people would be able to stand upright; it’s also believed that he discovered the art of fire and shared it with the people. In all the myths, however, Maui is often depicted as brave, heroic, and compassionate to the people as well as intelligent.

The etymology behind the name seems uncertain but I’ve seen possible meanings such as “the left hand”, “to live or to subsist”, or “turning aside”.

Origin: Hawaiian




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