Male, Mythology, Virtues/Attributes


Lir is the Irish cognate of Llyrthe name of the Welsh god of the sea in Welsh mythology. The name means “sea” or “ocean”. In Irish mythology, Lir is the Irish god of the sea and the father of Manannan mac Lir, also a sea deity. There’s also an Irish legend called The Children of Lir, in which Lir is a king with 3 sons, Aodh and twins Fiachra and Conn, and daughter Fionnuala. When his first wife died, Lir married her sister Aoife; however, Aoife was jealous of the children and had them turned into swans for 900 years.

Origin: Proto- Celtic



  • Ler (Irish)
  • Llyr (Welsh)
  • Llŷr (Welsh)



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