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Jasmin is a female given name, the German, Finnish, and Danish form of Jasmine, the French and English form of Arabic Yasmine, a variant of Yasmin, an Arabic and Persian female name meaning “jasmine” which derives from Persian yasamin (jasmine flower). As an English female name, it’s a variant spelling of Jasmine. However, the spelling Jasmin is also a French, Bosnian, Slovene, and Macedonian male name; Jasmina would be the feminine form of the name in those countries (with the exception of French).

Origin: Persian


Female forms:

  • Jasmina (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnia, Slovene, Macedonian)
  • Jasmine (Croatian diminutive)
  • Yasmin (Persian, Arabic)
  • Yasmeen (Persian, Arabic)
  • Yasamin (Persian)
  • Yasmina (Persian, Arabic)
  • Yassmin (Arabic)
  • Yassmine (Arabic)
  • Jasmine (English, French)
  • Jasmyn (English)
  • Jazmin (English)
  • Jazmine (English)
  • Jazmyn (English)
  • Yazmin (English)
  • Jessamine (English)
  • Jessamyn (English)
  • Jessamy (English)
  • Jázmin (Hungarian)
  • Jasmijn (Dutch)
  • Gelsomina (Italian)
  • Gelsey (English)
  • Yasemin (Turkish)



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