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Gala is a Spanish female name, a feminine form of Gallus, an Ancient Roman name meaning “rooster, cock” which ultimately derives from a PIE root word; the male form of Gala would be Galo.

Gala is also a Russian diminutive of Galinathe Russian and Bulgarian feminine form of Galenus, the Latin form of Ancient Greek Galenos meaning “calm, tranquil”. In Greek mythology, Galene is a Nereid nymph who was the personification of calm seas.

Gála (γάλα) is also an Ancient Greek word meaning “milk; the Milky Way galaxy”- the same root word galaxy comes from.

Gala is also an Indian surname of unknown meaning, as well as a Polish and Hungarian surname derived from the personal name Gal, the Slovene masculine form of Gallus, an Ancient Roman family name meaning “rooster, cock”. It could also be an Irish surname, a shortened and anglicized form of O Gallchobhair meaning “foreign help”.

Gala is also an English word referring to a festive or special occasion- it comes form Old French gale (rejoicing; merriment) via galer (to have fun; to enjoy oneself) derived from an uncertain origin though possibly from a PIE root word. Incidentally, it comes from he same root word as Gallant.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Greek



  • Galla (Ancient Roman)


Male forms:

  • Gallus (Ancient Roman)




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