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Blaise is a French male name, the French form of Late Latin Blasius meaning “lisping, stammering” from Latin blaesus via Ancient Greek blaisós (bent, distorted; twisted, crooked), which seems to be derived from a pre-Greek origin. Blaise is also a French and English surname originating from the given name.

Origin: pre-Greek



  • Blasius (Ancient Roman)
  • Blai (Catalan)
  • Blaž (Slovene, Croatian)
  • Vlaho (Croatian)
  • Blažej (Czech, Slovak)
  • Brais (Galician)
  • Vlasis (Greek)
  • Vlassis (Greek)
  • Balázs (Hungarian)
  • Biagio (Italian)
  • Biaggio (Italian)
  • Biagino (Italian diminutive of Biago
  • Błażej (Polish)
  • Brás (Portuguese)
  • Vlas (Russian)
  • Vlasi (Russian)
  • Vlasiy (Russian)
  • Blas (Spanish)
  • Blaze (English)


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