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Fenella is a female given name, the Scottish form of Fionnuala, made up from Irish elements finn (fair, white) and guala (shoulder) meaning “fair shoulder” or “fair-shouldered”. In Irish mythology, Fionnuala is the name of a figure in Irish mythology, the daughter of King Lir and the sister of Aodh, Fiachra, and Conn. She and her brothers were changed into swans by their stepmother Aoife, a curse that lasted for 900 years.

Nicknames: Fen, Nell, Nellie/Nelly, Ella, Ellie

Origin: Proto-Celtic



  • Finella (Scottish)
  • Fionnghuala (Irish)
  • Finnuala (Irish)
  • Finnguala (Irish)
  • Finola (Irish, Scottish)
  • Fionola (Irish, Scottish)



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