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Lugh is the name of a hero in Irish mythology, the son of Cian and Eithne, though he’s also been associated with Lugus, an early Celtic god associated with the god Mercury by the Romans. Lugh is portrayed as a skilled warrior and craftsman.

The etymology behind the name is uncertain. It could be a variant of Lugus, which itself is of unknown meaning and etymology though possible theories link it to PIE *leug- (black, blackness), or from Old Celtic *leugh- (to swear, oath); I’ve also seen it listed as possibly being derived from PIE *lewk– (light, bright; white).

Origin: uncertain



  • Lú (modern Irish)
  • Lug (Old Irish)
  • Lugus (Irish)
  • Lugos (Irish)
  • Lleu (Welsh)
  • Llew (Welsh)
  • Lugaid (Irish)
  • Lughaidh (Irish)




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