Female, Mythology, Physical Attributes, Virtues/Attributes


Xanthe is the name of several minor figures in Greek mythology. It means “yellow” or “blonde-haired” derived from Greek xanthos (yellow), given to someone who had blonde hair but could also be applied to horses of bay or chestnut coloring. The origin of the word is unknown.

Origin: unknown



  • Xanthi (Modern Greek)
  • Xantho (Ancient Greek)
  • Xanthia (English)
  • Zanthe (English)
  • Zanthia (English)


Male forms:

  • Xanthos (Ancient Greek)
  • Xanthias (Ancient Greek)
  • Xanthus (Ancient Greek)
  • Zanthos (English)
  • Zanthias (English)
  • Zanthus (English)



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