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Cornelian is an alternate spelling of Carnelian, the name of a reddish-brown type of chalcedony used in jewelry. Cornelian comes from either Latin cornus meaning “cornel, dogwood” which may be related to Ancient Greek kerasós (cherry), derived from an uncertain origin, either Anatolian or pre-Greek; or from Latin cornu meaning “horn”. The Carnelian spelling seems to have been influenced from Latin carneus meaning “fleshy, flesh-colored”.

Cornelian cherry is the name of a flowering tree in the dogwood family which bears edible cherry-like fruit.

Cornelian could also be used as a variant of Cornelianus, an Ancient Roman cognomen of uncertain etymology though often associated with Latin cornu meaning “horn” which ultimately derives from PIE root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Male forms:

  • Cornelius (Ancient Roman, English, Dutch, German)
  • Cornelianus (Ancient Roman)
  • Cornelis (Dutch)
  • Kerneels (South African Dutch form of Cornelius)
  • Kornel (Polish, Czech, Slovak)
  • Kornél (Hungarian)
  • Corneille (French)
  • Korneli (Georgian)
  • Cornelio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Cornélio (Portuguese)
  • Cornel (Romanian)
  • Corneliu (Romanian)


Female forms:

  • Cornelia (Ancient Roman, English, German, Romanian, Italian, Dutch)
  • Corneliana (Ancient Roman)
  • Kornelia (German, Polish)
  • Kornelija (Croatian, Serbian)
  • Kornélia (Hungarian, Slovak)
  • Kornélie (Czech)
  • Cornélie (French)



1 thought on “Cornelian”

  1. I love how this name is both similar to the carnelian, as I love precious and semi-precious stones and collect them, and to the name Cornelis with which I have very positive associations.


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