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Ghazal is the name of a poetic form often used in romantic poetry of the Middle East and South Asia; the verses deal with loss and romantic love consisting of rhyming couplets and a refrain, and typically consists of no less than five and no more than fifteen couplets. The origin of the word derives from Arabic root word غ ز ل  ḡ-z-l which is related to things that are graceful and delicate. It could have derived from Arabic ḡazila غَزِل meaning “to sweet-talk, to flirt, to cajole, to display amorous gestures”, ḡazal غَزَل (compliment, flattery, cajolery) or ḡazala غَزَلَ (to spin “yard or thread”). Gazellethe name of a species of antelope, also derives from the Arabic root word, a beautiful, delicate, and graceful creature that was often used in Arabic poetry as a symbol of female beauty. 

Ghazal is also used as an Arabic and Persian female name as well as also being an Arabic surname.

Origin: Arabic



  • Gazal (Arabic)
  • Ghazala (Arabic)
  • Gazale (Arabic)


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