Kaylee is an English female given name, a combination of Kay (a unisex name with various possible meanings depending on where it comes from) and Lee, which comes from an English surname meaning “meadow, clearing”.

Kaylee is also a surname, likely a variant spelling of Cayley which seems to have originated from a place in France called Cailly which seems to have come from a Roman-Gallic personal name, Callius, combined with the locative suffix -acum. Cayley could also have originated as an English locational name made up of Old English  (jackdaw) and lēah (woodland, clearing). It may also have originated from Gaelic surname Mac Caolidhe meaning “son of the slender one” made up of Gaelic caol (slender, thin; narrow) via a Proto-Celtic source.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Celtic



  • Kayleigh (English)
  • Kaleigh (English)
  • Kayli (English)
  • Kailey (English)
  • Kaeli (English)
  • Kaley (English)
  • Kailee (English)
  • Kayleah (English)
  • Kayley (English)
  • Kaley (English)
  • Caylee (English)
  • Cayleigh (English)
  • Caleigh (English)
  • Cayli (English)
  • Cailey (English)
  • Caeli (English)
  • Caley (English)
  • Cailee (English)
  • Cayleah (English)
  • Cayley (English)
  • Caley (English)




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