Male, Proto-Indo-European, Surname names, Virtues/Attributes


Rollo is the Latinized form of Roul, the Medieval English and French form of Rolf which originated from Germanic given name Hrodulf meaning “famous wolf”. Rollo is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Rudolph (English)
  • Rudolf (German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Russian, Armenian)
  • Rodolph (French, English)
  • Rodolphe (French)
  • Rodolfo (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Rudolphe (French)
  • Hrodulf (Ancient Germanic)
  • Hrolf (Ancient Germanic)
  • Hrólfr (Ancient Scandinavian)
  • Hróðólfr (Ancient Scandinavian)
  • Rolf (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English)
  • Roelof (Dutch)
  • Rudolf (Dutch, German)
  • Rollo (English)
  • Rolo (English)
  • Roul (Medieval English, Medieval French)
  • Rodolphus (Latin)


Female forms:

  • Rudolpha (English)
  • Rudolfa (English)
  • Rudolphine (French, Dutch, English)



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