Female, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Foteini is a Greek female name, the modern form of Ancient Greek Photine derived from phos φως meaning “light” derived from a PIE root word. In the Gospel of JohnPhotine is the name given to the Samaritan woman at the well with whom Jesus Christ spoke to. She’s venerated as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: light

Usage: Greek



  • Fotini (Greek)
  • Photini (Greek)
  • Photine (Ancient Greek)
  • Photina (Latinized Ancient Greek)


Male forms:

  • Fotios (Greek)
  • Fotis (Greek)
  • Photios (Ancient Greek)


Fotini- Φωτεινη (Greek)


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