Female, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Darya is a Persian female name meaning “sea, ocean” which ultimately derives from a Proto-Indo-Iranian *ȷ́ráyas (expanse, vastness; ocean).

Darya is also a Russian and Belarusian form of Daria, the feminine form of Dariusthe Latinized form of Ancient Greek Dareios which is the Greek form of Persian Dārayavahush meaning “to possess excellence” or “he who holds firm to good” from dâraya (to possess, to hold) and vahu (good), both of which derive from a PIE root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-Iranian; Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: sea, ocean; to possess excellence or he who holds firm to good

Usage: Persian, Russian, Belarusian



  • Derya (Turkish)
  • Daria (Latinized Late Greek, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Croatian, English)
  • Darija (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene)
  • Dareia (Late Greek)
  • Darya (Russian, Belarusian)
  • Darja (Slovene, Czech)
  • Tarja (Finnish)
  • Dariya (Ukrainian)
  • Daryna (Ukrainian diminutive of Dariya)
  • Odarka (Ukrainian)
  • Dariela (Spanish)


Male forms:

  • Darius (Latin, Romanian, Lithuanian, English
  • Dareios (Ancient Greek)
  • Darayavahush (Ancient Persian)
  • Dariush (Persian)
  • Daryush (Persian)
  • Daryawesh (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Darijus (Lithuanian)
  • Darijo (Croatian)
  • Dario (Italian, Croatian)
  • Darío (Spanish)
  • Dariusz (Polish)
  • Darek (Polish diminutive of Dariusz)
  • Tariel (Georgian)
  • Dara (Persian)


Darya- دریا (Persian)

Darya- Дарья (Russian)

Darya- Дар’я (Belarusian)


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