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Araxie is an Armenian female name, a variant of Arax which derives from the Arax River (also spelled Aras) which starts in Turkey and flows through the border between Armenia and Turkey, and through Iran and Azerbaijan, before emptying into the Kura River which drains into the Caspian Sea. The name seems to be derived from Persian aras derived from Proto-Iranian Raxsā- (swift-flowing) via *ra(n)g- (to move swiftly).

As for the pronunciation of Araxie, I’m not entirely certain. It could be pronounced ah-raks-ee or ah-rah-zee.

Origin: Proto-Iranian

Meaning: swift-flowing

Usage: Armenian


  • Araksi (Armenian)
  • Araxi (Armenian)
  • Arazie (Armenian)
  • Arax (Armenian)
  • Araks (Armenian)
  • Aras (Turkish, Persian)

Male forms:

  • Araxes (Ancient Greek form of the Aras River)

Arak’si- Արաքսի (Armenian)

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