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Romilly is an Anglo-Norman surname originating as a locational name for someone who came from any one of several places called Romilly in France. The origin of the name itself is uncertain though it’s possible it may have originated from the given name Romilius, an Ancient Roman gens, a derivative of Romulus, the name of one of the founders of Rome in Roman mythology, who along with his twin brother Remus were suckled by a she-wolf when they were babies after being abandoned on the orders of their uncle. Romulus meaning “of Rome”; the origin of Rome is of unknown etymology there are several possible theories regarding the name’s etymology:

  • it may be derived from Rumen or Rumon, an archaic name for the Tiber river, which may be derived from PIE root word *srew- (to flow, stream);
  • it may have originated from Etruscan ruma meaning “teat”, maybe in reference to the wolf that took in and suckled the infants Romulus and Remus in Roman mythology, or it could have been named for the shape of the Palatine and Aventine hills;
  • it’s also possible that it’s from Ancient Greek rhome ῥώμη meaning “strength”, of unknown origin.

Origin: unknown

Meaning: uncertain though possible theories attributed to it are “flow, stream”, “teat”, or possibly “strength”

Usage: English

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