Rachel is a Hebrew female name, the name of the younger sister of Leah in the Old Testament (both of them married to Jacob) and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Her name means “ewe” from Hebrew rahel רחל (ewe) via a Proto-Semitic root word.

Origin: Proto-Semitic

Meaning: “ewe”

Usage: Hebrew, English, German, French, Dutch


  • Rachael (English)
  • Racheal (English)
  • Rachelle (English)
  • Raschelle (English)
  • Richelle (English)
  • Rahel (Biblical Latin)
  • Rhachel (Biblical Greek)
  • Rahela (Croatian, Serbian, Romanian)
  • Rakel (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic)
  • Raakel (Finnish)
  • Ráhel (Hungarian)
  • Ráichéal (Irish)
  • Rachele (Italian)
  • Raquel (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Rochel (Yiddish)

1 thought on “Rachel”

  1. This name has such a friendly, homely feel to me for some reason. The Polish form is Rachela, though it’s not nearly as popular here as Rachel is in the Anglophone world, I believe it would be most popular among Jews.


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