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Angela is the feminine form of Latin Angelus meaning “messenger, angel” derived from Ancient Greek angelos (messenger; one who announces) of uncertain origin. It’s been linked to Ancient Greek angaros (Persian mounted courier), also of unknown origin though it may be related to a Persian or even Semitic origin.

Origin: uncertain

Meaning: “messenger, angel”

Usage: English, Italian, German, Dutch, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Russian, Macedonian, Late Roman)

Nicknames: Angie


  • Angelita (Spanish diminutive of Angela)
  • Angelina (English, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Greek, Macedonian)
  • Angel (English, Bulgarian, Macedonian)
  • Angelia (English)
  • Angelica (English, Italian, Romanian)
  • Anjelica (English)
  • Angelle (English)
  • Angeliki (Greek)
  • Anzhela (Russian)
  • Anđela (Croatian, Serbian)
  • Angèle (French)
  • Angeline (French
  • Anđelka (Croatian)
  • Anděla (Czech)
  • Angelika (Czech, German, Polish, Slovak)
  • Angelina (English, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Macedonian)
  • Angelique (Dutch)
  • Tangela (English)

Male forms:

  • Angelos (Greek)
  • Angelus (Late Roman)
  • Ángel (Spanish)
  • Angel (English, Bulgarian, Macedonian)
  • Angelino (Spanish, Italian)
  • Àngel (Catalan)
  • Aingeru (Basque)
  • Anđelko (Croatian)
  • Anđelo (Croatian)
  • Anděl (Czech)
  • Anxo (Galician)
  • Engel (German)
  • Angelo (Italian)
  • Angiolo (Italian)
  • Anghel (Romanian)
  • Anshel (Yiddish)
  • Deangelo (African-American, English)

1 thought on “Angela”

  1. I have a soft spot for the angelic names, even Angela, though I believe it’s not that fresh in the anglophone world anymore, while over here in Poland it has a very modern and pretentious feel and the classic Aniela works better. Still despite that, there is something about Angela that I really like. Not as much as Angelica or ANgelina, but I definitely do like it a lot.


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