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Helmut is a German male name made up of Germanic elements helm (helmet) and muot (spirit, mind), the latter originally referring to courage and bravery, so the name would essentially mean “brave helmet”. However, the first element of the name could also be derived from heil meaning “whole, healthy, intact”.

Helmut is also a German surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “brave helmet” or “whole/intact helmet”

Usage: German


  • Helmuth (German)
  • Helmút (Icelandic)

1 thought on “Helmut”

  1. I remember that when I was a kid this name sounded very hilarious to me for some reason, can’t say why, but whenever I’d hear it I would be wondering how could anyone have such a name. Now I’m pretty neutral about it. I like the idea that the first element of this name could mean whole/healthy as I think “healthy-spirited” makes for a cool name meaning.


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