Ardi is an Indonesian and Javanese male name. I’ve seen it listed as meaning “mountain” from Old Javanese, but it’s also an Arabic word meaning “earth”.

Ardi is also an Estonian name, a variant of either Artur (a variant of Arthur, of unknown meaning though it’s often been linked to Proto-Celtic *artos “bear” combined with rīxs “king” or *wiros “man” so the name would essentially mean “bear king” or “bear man”, though it may also be related to Arteries, a rare Roman cognomens of unknown etymology) or Hardi (a short form of names beginning with hart meaning “hardy, strong”).

Ardi is also an Albanian male name, a shortened form of Ardian, the name of an Illyrian tribe of Ardiaei; although the origin of the name is uncertain it could be derived from Albanian ardhjen “arrival, incoming” and “origin, lineage”, essentially meaning “descendant, offspring”. However, it’s also been linked to Latin ardea meaning “heron”.

Ardi is also a Basque word meaning “sheep”.

Origin: Javanese, Arabic, Proto-Indo-European, Basque

Meaning: “mountain” in Javanese; an Arabic word “earth”; a variant of Arthur “bear-king” or “bear man” or Hardi hardy, strong”; “descendant, offspring” in Albanian or possibly “heron” from Latin; also a Basque word meaning “sheep”

Usage: Indonesia, Javanese; Estonian; Albanian


  • Ardian (Albanian)
  • Ardijan (Alobanian)

Female forms:

  • Ardiana (Albanian)
  • Adrijana (Albanian)

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