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Bright is an English word referring to something or someone dazzling, shining, luminescent, or brilliant, or someone who is intelligent, and it could be used to refer to something or someone full of promise and hope (i.e. they have a bright future ahead of them). The word derives from Old English bryht via Proto-Germanic *berhtaz (bright, shining) via PIE *bhereg- (to shine).

Bright could also be used as a nickname for Brighton meaning either “settlement by the bridge”, “bright bridge” or “Beorhthelm’s settlement”.

Bright is also an English surname, either originating as a nickname for someone who was bright, fair, or pretty, or it may have originated as a shortened form of names beginning with Old English beorht (bright, shining).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “dazzling, shining, luminescent, brilliant”, “intelligent, clever”; could also be a shortened form of Brighton “settlement by the bridge”, “bright bridge”, or “Beorhthelm’s settlement”

Usage: English, African (mostly Ghanian)


  • Bryte (English)

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