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Narcissus is the Latinized form of Narkissos, the name of a beautiful youth in Greek mythology. He had many admirers, among them the nymph Echo, but he was so proud and arrogant that he spurned them all. He was eventually cursed by falling in love with his own reflection and eventually wasting away (or in some versions, killing himself), turning into the narcissus flower. The word narcissism derives from the name of Narcissus, a word used to refer who was inordinately vain and self-absorbed, caring only about themselves at thee expense of others.

Narkissos means “daffodil” in Ancient Greek though whether the name of the flower originated from the myth or vice versa is uncertain. The origin of the word seems to derive from a pre-Greek origin but it has been linked to Ancient Greek narke (numbness, stupor), itself of uncertain origin (from which narcotics comes from).

Origin: unknown

Meaning: “daffodil”

Usage: Late Roman


  • Narkissos (Ancient Greek)
  • Narcisse (French)
  • Narciso (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Narcyz (Polish)
  • Narcís (Catalan)

Female forms:

  • Narcissa (Late Roman)
  • Nərgiz (Azerbaijani)
  • Narges (Persian)
  • Narcisse (French)
  • Narcisa (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian)
  • Nergis (Turkish)
  • Nargiza (Uzbek)

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