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Elvin is an English male name, a variant of Alvin which is the modern English form of at least three Anglo-Saxon names such as Ælfwine meaning “elf friend”, Æðelwine “noble friend” or Ealdwine “old friend”.

Elvin is also an English surname derived from any of the above.

Surprisingly, I’ve found that Elvin is a somewhat popular name in Azerbaijan though I don’t know why.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “elf friend” or “noble friend” or “old friend”

Usage: English, Azerbaijani


  • Alvin (English, Swedish)
  • Alwin (German, Dutch, Ancient Germanic)
  • Alwyn (English)
  • Adalwin (Ancient Germanic)
  • Alfwin (Ancient Germanic)
  • Alboin (Ancient Germanic)
  • Ælfwine (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Æðelwine (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Ealdwine (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Æthelwine (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Alden (English)

Female forms:

  • Elvina (English)
  • Alvina (English)
  • Alvena (English)
  • Alveena (English)
  • Alwine (German)
  • Etelvina (Spanish)

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