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Mitra is a Persian female name, the modern form of Mithra (also known as Mehr in modern Persian), the god of light, oaths, contracts, and friendship in Persian mythology. The name comes from Avestan miθra 𐬨𐬌𐬚𐬭𐬀 meaning “contract; pact; agreement; covenant” via Proto-Indo-Iranian *mitrás “(that which) causes binding” which may be derived from PIE root word *mey- (to bind) though it’s also been linked to PIE *meh (to measure).

In Sanskrit mitra is a word meaning friend, an aspect of bonding and alliance. It’s the name of an important Vedic deity in the Rigveda, one of the protectors of truth, order, and treaties and who later evolved into the patron deity of friendship. Mitra also later became associated with the sun.

Mitra is also an Indian surname (Bengali and Bangladeshi) originating from the name of the Hindu deity,

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “contract, covenant, oath”; also a word in Sanskrit “friend”

Usage: Persian


  • Mehr (Persian)

Male forms:

  • Mithra (Persian mythology)
  • Mithras (Hellenized Persian mythology)
  • Mehr (Persian)

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