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Garnet is the name of a mineral and gemstone which comes in various colors of red, green, yellow, orange, though it’s often associated as a dark-red color (or at least I always associate it with red). The name comes from Middle English gernet (dark-red, garnet) via Old French grenate (pomegranate), a shortened form of pomme grenate (pomegranate) via Latin granatum meaning “pomegranate (fruit)” via granum (grain, seed) derived from a PIE origin.

Garnet is also an English surname, a variant spelling of Garnett, originating as an occupational name for someone who made or fitted garnets, a type of hinge. Garnett also originated as a diminutive form of personal name Guarin, the Norman French form of Warin which derives from a Germanic element meaning “guard, protect”.

Garnet is the birthstone for those born in January.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: the name of a precious gemstone “dark-red” and “pomegranate (fruit);” also a surname which originated as an occupational name or from a given name via a Germanic element “guard, protect”

Usage: English

Female forms:

  • Garnett (English)
  • Garnette (English)

Male forms:

  • Garnett (English)
  • Guarin (Medieval French)
  • Warin (Ancient Germanic)

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