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Gohar is a Persian name meaning “jewel, gem; essence, nature”. In Iran and Armenia it’s used as a female name but in Pakistan, it’s a male name. Gohar is also an Arabic surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Persian

Meaning: “jewel, gemstone; essence, nature”

Usage: Persian, Armenian, Urdu

Female forms:

  • Kohar (Armenian)
  • Jawahir (Arabic)
  • Gauhar (Kazakh, Indian)
  • Cevahir (Turkish)
  • Gövhər (Azerbaijani)

Male forms:

  • Jawahir (Arabic, Indian)
  • Gauhar (Urdu)
  • Cevahir (Turkish)
  • Javohir (Uzbek)
  • Dzhokhar (Checken)

Gohar- گوهر (Persian)

Gohar- Գոհար (Armenian)

Gohar- گوہر (Urdu)

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