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Channing comes from an English surname of uncertain origin though there are several possible origins attributed to it:

  • the first is that it may have arisen as a dialectal form of Canning, which originated as a locational name for someone who came from a place called Canning, which seems to have originated from an Old English name, Cana, of uncertain origin, combined with -ingas (people), so essentially meaning “people of Cana”;
  • it’s also possible that it may have originated as an anglicized form of Irish Ó Canain meaning “descendant of the wolf-cub”;
  • it may also have arisen as a variant of Channon, a variant of Cannon meaning “canon”, which may have arisen as a nickname for someone who worked at a clergy house (though it may also have originated from the second meaning above as well).

Origin: uncertain

Meaning: uncertain though several possible meanings attributed to it are ” people of Cana”, Cana being an Old English name of unknown meaning; perhaps from an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Canain “descendant of the wolf-cub”; or perhaps as a nickname “canon”

Usage: English

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