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Dermot is an Irish male name, an anglicized form of Diarmaid of uncertain meaning and etymology though it has been linked to negative prefix and farmad (envy, jealousy), essentially meaning “without envy” or “free from envy”. I’ve also seen it listed as meaning “free man” or, more intriguingly, “god of arms”, made up of Old Irish día (god) and armaid, the genitive plural form of arm (weapon; arms).

In Irish mythology, Diarmaid Ua Duibhne is the name of a warrior, the lover of Gráinne, as well as being the name of several kings of ancient Ireland.

Origin: uncertain

Meaning: uncertain though possible meanings attributed to it are “without envy” or “free from envy”; “free man”; or “god of arms”, likely as an epithet for a warrior

Usage: Irish


  • Diarmaid (Irish)
  • Diarmuid (Irish)
  • Diarmait (Irish)
  • Diarmaid (Scottish)
  • Dermid (Scottish)
  • Diarmid (Scottish)
  • Diarmad (Scottish)
  • Kermit (English, Manx)

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