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Fabiola is a diminutive of Fabia, an Ancient Roman female name, the feminine form of Fabius which derives from Latin faba meaning “bean”. The origin of the gens may have originated as a nickname, perhaps because the originator of the gens may have been the first to cultivate the growth of beans. In Ancient Rome, the Fabii gens was one of the most prominent and influential families in Ancient Rome, many of them becoming statesmen, artists, and warriors; they also claimed descent from the Ancient Greek hero Hercules.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: uncertain, though often associated with Latin faba “bean”, perhaps as a nickname for the originator of the family who first cultivated beans

Usage: Ancient Roman, Italian, Spanish, French


  • Fabia (Ancient Roman, Italian)
  • Fábia (Portuguese)
  • Fabiana (Ancient Roman, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Fabianna (English)
  • Fabienne (French)

Male forms:

  • Fabius (Ancient Roman)
  • Fabio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Fábio (Portuguese)
  • Fabianus (Ancient Roman)
  • Fabian (English, Dutch, German, Polish)
  • Fabien (French)
  • Fabiano (Italian, Portuguese)
  • Fábián (Hungarian)
  • Fabijan (Croatian, Slovene)
  • Fabián (Spanish)

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