Female, Virtues/Attributes


Mireille (pr. mee-ray; Forvo) is a French female name based on the Occitan name Mirèio (1859), a long poem written in Occitan by French writer Frederic Mistral (1830-1914). Mirèio was invented by Mistral, who may have based it on the Occitan word mirar meaning “to look, to admire”, which is likely based from Latin mirandus (making it a cousin of Miranda).

Origin: Occitan

Meaning: “to look, to admire”

Usage: French


  • Mirèio (Occitan)
  • Mirela (Romanian, Croatian, Albanian)
  • Mireia (Catalan and Spanish form of Mirèio)
  • Mireya (Spanish)
  • Mirica (Croatian diminutive of Mirela)
  • Mirella (Italian)

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