Braven is an English word, a transitive verb made up of the word brave + the suffix -en, brave referring to someone who shows courage in the face of fear, someone who is bold, daring, fearless, valiant. It comes from Middle French brave via Italian bravo (brave, bold, excellent), originally meaning “wild savage”. The etymology of the word is uncertain though it’s been linked to Vulgar Latin *brabus, a fusion of Latin prāvus (crooked, deformed) and barbarus (foreign; savage; uncivilized).

Braven is also German word, an adjective of brav meaning “good, well-behaved; honest; excellent”; the origin of this word drives from French brave (same source as above).

Braven is also an English surname which seems to derive from the Portuguese and Spanish surname Bravo meaning “fierce”, “violent”, “courageous” which seems to derive from Latin barbarus, likely originating as a nickname.

I don’t think this name has ever been used as a given name but I think it would fit rather well given its meaning.

Origin: Uncertain

Meaning: “brave, courageous”; also a German word “good, well-behaved; honest; excellent”

Usage: English (very rare)


  • Bravin (English)
  • Brave (English)
  • Bravery (English)

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