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Tulip is the name of a flower in the genus Tulipa; the flower originated in the Middle East (originating in Central Asia) and was very popular in Turkey; it was later introduced to Europe sometime in the 1500s, where they became so wildly popular it sparked the Tulip mania in Holland. In Turkey, the tulip is known as lale and it was a popular symbol in many Ottoman paintings, song, and poems.

The name comes from French tulipe which derives from Turkish tülbent (fine muslin, turban), originally referring to a piece of muslin used as a headscarf or head-covering, and from which the word turban also derives from, so named because the shape of the petals resembled one in full bloom. The name is made up from Persian dolband دلبند made up of dol دول (revolving) borrowed from Arabic, and band بند (band, tie).

Tulip is also an English surname but its origin doesn’t seem quite clear-cut. It may have originated from the flower but according to this site, it might have originated from an Old English name, Tula, combined with Old English hop (enclosed valley), essentially meaning “Tula’s valley”, but I’m not sure how accurate that is.

Origin: Persian, Arabic

Meaning: the name of a flower “fine muslin, turban”

Usage: English


  • Lale (Turkish)

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