Male, Mythology, Nature, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Keyon is an African-American male name, a variant spelling of Keon, a modern name which may have been based on popular names such as Leon (“lion”) and Dion (a shortened form of Dionysos). It’s possible that it may also be based on Keone (pr. ke-oh-neh), a Hawaiian male name meaning “the sand” or more poetically “the homeland” in reference to the island of Hawaii.

Keon is also an Irish surname, a shortened form of McKeon, a variant of McEwen meaning “son of Eoghan”, Eoghan an Irish name of uncertain meaning though possible meanings attributed to it are “of the yew tree” or “born of the yew tree”; it may also be related to Proto-Celtic Esugenios meaning “well-born” (making it a cognate of Eugene), and I’ve also seen it possibly related to the Welsh word eoghunn meaning “youth”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European; Hawaiian

Meaning: uncertain though it could possibly be based on Leon “lion” or Dion, a shortened form of Dionysos “of Zeus” or “sky, heaven, god”, “shining”; possibly based on a Hawaiian name “the sand/ the homeland”; also a surname, based on Eoghan

Usage: African-American


  • Keon (African-American, English)
  • Kion (African-American, English)

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